3D Power B 11.1121.1

3D Power B 11.1121.1


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Date Added:24 January, 2013



GIGABYTE X79 series motherboards are the first to take advantage of the exclusive GIGABYTE 3D Power, an all new hardware and software-based Digital Power Engine for both the CPU and Memory that delivers unprecedented power delivery control.

Utilizing a brand new Digital PWM controller, GIGABYTE's 3D PowerOao delivers a steady flow of power to the CPU and memory no matter the loading. This all new, all digital power system provides enthusiast users with exceptional control over the overclocking potential of their GIGABYTE X79 motherboard.

GIGABYTE is the first in the industry to utilize dual digital memory controllers for real-time system adjustment. Users can set OVP (Over Voltage Protection) and OCP (Over Current Protection) to safeguard their memory, adjust memory Load-line Calibration (to speed up response time and resolve memory vdroop), as well as adjust memory PWM frequency on-the-fly. This means that users can optimize their system for enhanced performance or stability in real-time, enjoying a new level of flexibility and control thanks to the new digital power design of GIGABYTE X79 motherboards.

Users can now enjoy a fully interactive 3D utility that facilitates adjustment of the 3 dimensions that control the power delivery to the CPU and Memory: Voltage, Phase and Frequency. These parameters are crucial to how the digital PWM supplies power to critical areas of the motherboard and can help users quickly obtain the highest, most stable overclock.

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows 7 x64

Tags: Power Management   Power Control   CPU Power   power   gigabyte   X79  

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